DAV Public School

R.C., Ashok Nagar, Gaya, BIHAR

Principal Message  

Dear parents, teachers and students


It's my privilege and honour to introduce myself as the principal of this esteemed institution. I am extremely proud and delighted to have the privilege of serving the prestigious institution DAV Public School, Rotary Campus, Ashok Nagar, Gaya. It is one of the best schools situated in the heart of the town, Gaya.


Our school is based on the ideals of the religious and social reformer Swami Dayanand Saraswati .our school represents modern English education coupled with  vedic philosophy .Our main objective is to save and flourish  Vedic culture and spread  the education in English as well i.e modern science and maths.Intelligence plus strong character is the goal of our education. It becomes a part of students' personality as they grow up.


Education is one of the means to transmit the light of life and spread the virtues such as sincerity, truthfulness, tolerance, discipline kindness etc. Inspired by the teachings of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Hansraj, we aim at the integral and holistic development of each student under the banner of DAV. As it has been rightly said that our country has spiritual dominance all over the world.It is so only because of our education .We try to give an opportunity to our kids where they can give way to their thoughts and shape their dreams by inculcating a sense of good citizenship and Patriotism. We, the teachers, try to spread the hues of sacrifice, progress, kindness, peace and revolution as well.


The School has its clear vision and objectives .In order to accomplish our Vision and Mission , we shoulder  our responsibility as perfectly as we can .We feel encouraged looking at the bright and successful careers of the thousands of students who subsequently benefit  the society.


 The potential of every student is honoured and supported keeping in mind the desirable success in the particular field .We, the teachers, do our best to be acquainted with the latest and modern desirable methods, approaches and techniques digitally to render effective knowledge. We put emphasis not only cognitive development of our students but also behavioral discipline or moral integrity .Our teachers strive to teach not only academic programms but also life  skills needed for a students' self development .


Our school has acquired the reputation of being one of the best Institutions only due to the dedication and selfless commitment of the teachers, supporting staff and the students. Our students excel and express academically and creatively. I really appreciate the teaching and the non- teaching of both past and present as well as the parents for their selfless service and co-operation to the noble task of spreading the light of education.


Wishing you all the best.

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D.A.V.Public School, Rotary Campus,
Ashok Nagar,Gaya,
Email : davashoknagar@gmail.com
Ph No. : 0631-2225254 

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